Larvikite, Aquamarine and Sandalwood Meditation Beads

Larvikite, Aquamarine and Sandalwood Meditation Beads

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Meditation is the foundation to a sound body and mind, through my own practice I have found that using beads as I go through my daily mantras keeps me focused and aware. Start with the large 'guru' bead, this will hold your intention as you start your meditation.

Each bead is hand strung and knotted so even if it breaks, you won't lose your beads. Manifest your intentions with daily practice.

You will receive the meditation beads pictured, I will be consistently making new styles so keep an eye out!

108 8mm Beads in total plus guru bead.

-Larvikite for deep spiritual connection and connection with your guides aids in the root and third eye chakras.

-Aquamarine for calm and focus, clears your mind and allows you to see the bigger picture.

-Black Sandalwood to aid your meditation and enhance tranquility

Tassel is a macrame style with Sandalwood bead. Wear as a bracelet or necklace. Does not stretch.